Prepare for Winter by Servicing Your Vehicle Today!

Three Service Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly this Winter

Whether you’re from Easton, PA or Phillipsburg, NJ, your car isn’t immune to the effects of winter. Cold weather conditions can reduce the life of your vehicle and create a dangerous environment for you and those around you if you don’t prepare. Our dealership, serving the Flemington, NJ area, can help!

Our service center employs an entire team of professionals that can help prepare your car for winter. Check out our top three service tips for preparing your vehicle below and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Winter Tires: Everyone has this debate every year and the answer remains the same: yes, you need winter tires. They improve your road grip and prevent wheel slippage. They are also specially designed for winter months, while summer and all-season tires are not, which means they can wear out sooner and force you to pay more in the long run. Whether you’re from Emmaus, PA or beyond, no one wants to pay more money so be sure to visit our parts center for your winter tire options.
  • Oil Change: Oil is less effective in the cold. This is especially true if it is old and broken down. This can have an effect on your engine because the oil will be less effective in lubricating your vehicle. This could cause your engine to run dry, increase wear and possible have it break down sooner! If you’re in the Allentown, PA area and you still haven’t changed your oil, stop by our dealership!
  • New Battery: If your battery is on its last legs then consider swapping it out for a new one. You don’t want to be stuck in a Bethlehem, PA parking lot with a car that won’t turn on so be sure to replace your old battery before old man winter drains it.


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