How to Decide If You Are Going to Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle?


A part of finding the perfect vehicle is finding the perfect financing plan, which means choosing between buying and leasing. Both of these have their unique benefits and drawbacks and putting them side-by-side allows you to see which is right for you.




Do you want to own a vehicle for as long as possible? If yes, buying a vehicle near Flemington, NJ is for you. Once you are done making payments, you are free to do anything – even sell the vehicle – if you so choose. Buying will allow you to pass a vehicle down through generations, making sure whoever gets it will have a reliable vehicle.


The main drawback of buying is that it is more expensive. Your monthly payments will be higher because you are paying for the full value of the car or SUV from the time that you drive it off the lot.




Do you want low payments and to replace your vehicle after a couple of years? Leasing a vehicle near Phillipsburg, NJ is right for you if so. The lower monthly payments are from only paying the value difference during your time with the vehicle, and you will be able to choose a completely different – or same with a newer model year – option when you return your lease.


There are many factors that come with leasing, including limits on how far you can drive, needing to keep maintenance records, and to make sure you don’t alter anything on the vehicle. The fees that come from not following these rules can build up, leaving you to pay a large sum when you bring your vehicle back.


Our Easton, PA Hyundai Dealership is Here to Answer Your Questions

No matter if you are coming from Bethlehem, Allentown, or Emmaus PA, you are within thirty minutes from our dealership. Our experts are here to answer all of your questions so that you can be confident when deciding if buying or leasing is a better choice for your lifestyle.

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